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Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for registering for the DISHA HABITAT Bengaluru Runners Jatre. Wish you all the very best and may your run at the Jatre be one that you are proud of!

Register your family or friend!

Till May 26, we have a special discount for registrations. Head to our registration page and use your mobile number for a cool 15% discount.

The Most Important Things... First.

Race Day & Time

9th June, 2024 (SUNDAY)


Please assemble 60 mins. before run

10KM run start: 5:20 AM

5 KM run start:5:45 AM

3 KM run start: 6:45 AM

Kids' run start: 7:00 AM

Bib Collection

The bibs will be distributed on: 7th June (FRI),

from 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM

and 8th June (SAT),

from 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM.

VENUE: White Housse Convention Center, HSR Layout. Next to HSR BDA Complex.

Can someone collect my bib?


The designated individual should:

Have the email with the runner info forwarded to them

Have a copy of the runner's Government-issued IDs

Carry a Government-issued ID bearing their details 

BIB Collection Info

Q: When is the bib collection day and time?

A: The bibs can be collected on 

  • Friday -7th June, 2024 from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM and 

  • Saturday - 8th, June, 2024 from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.


Q: Where is the bib collection location?

A: The bibs can be collected from The White Housse Convention center, which is adjacent to the HSR Layout BDA Complex. You can navigate through to this link:


Q: Where can I park my vehicle during bib collection?

A: Two-wheelers can be accommodated in the expo venue (The White Housse Convention Centre). This is as per availability.

Four-wheelers can avail of the public parking facility in the HSR BDA Complex.

Q: What should I bring during the BIB collection?

A: Please carry your 

  • Government issued photo identity proof.

  • Event booking confirmation (email/whatsapp)

Q: Can I collect bibs for my friends and family? And friends collect my bib?

A: Yes, to both. The person collecting the bib on behalf of a runner who show:

  • A copy of the runner’s government issued photo ID (soft/hard)

  • The communication from us which has the runner's name and bib details

  • The Government issued a photo ID of the person collecting the bibs.


Q: Can I use courier services like Dunzo, Uber, Porter etc. to collect my bib?

A: We don’t have a separate counter/individual/phone-number to service couriers. If you are employing these vendors, you may choose to do so at your own expense and risk. The Foundation will not be held responsible for any loss or misuse arising from this.


Q: Can I change the size of my T-Shirt during the bib collection?

A: No. Any change will only be permitted during the transfer window. We will not entertain any requests for T-shirt size change during the expo.


Q: Can I change my category when I am collecting my bib:?

A: No. Any change will only be permitted during the transfer window. We will not entertain any requests for category change during the expo.


Q: Is there a provision for bib collection on the event day or post-event?

A: No. Under no circumstance will the bibs will be issued outside the expo-days (7th, 8th, June 2024)

Bib Bag Content FAQs

Q: What can I expect in my bib bag as an adult participant?

A: In your bib bag, you will find a 

  • Bib with a number and timing chip, 

  • A race T-shirt, 

  • Safety pins


Q: What can I expect in my bib bag as a kid participant?

A: In the bib bag for kids, you will receive 

  • Two bibs with the same number 

    • One bib for the kid (with timing chip) and 

    • One for either of the kid's parents 

    • A kid's race T-shirt, 

    • Safety pins, 

    • Two wristbands (one for the kid and one for either of the kid's parents)

Race Route FAQs

Q: Where is the start/finish point?

A: The start/finish point is Atal Bihari Vajpayee Stadium, 19th Main, HSR Layout. You can find the Google Maps link for the location.


Q: What does the race route encompass?

A: The route runs through the residential locality of HSR Layout, crossing local shops, supermarkets, schools, banks, parks, etc.


Q: What is the race route?

A: You can find information about the race route here.

Q: Can I have the GPX files of the routes?

A: Yes. You can download the GPX files below.

Race Route info!

Gear Preparation FAQs

Q: What kind of running shoes should I wear?

A: We recommend all runners wear comfortable shoes and complete the run. Barefoot running is not suggested unless you are an experienced barefoot runner.


Q: What should I wear during the race?

A: Wear a comfortable T-shirt and shorts/pants. 


Q: Should I provide emergency contact information?

A: Yes, please write your emergency contact name and number on the bib.


Q: How should I wear the bib?

A: The best position for the bib is across your abdomen, not your chest. Do not put it too low as it may hinder your running. Use safety pins to secure the bib. Start with one of the top corners first, then secure the bottom corners. Double-check that the placement of the bib does not hinder your motion.

Bib Caution FAQs

Q: Can I run without the BIB? 

A: No. And also, individuals without a bib will not be allowed into the race-area.


Q: Can I wear someone else's bib or have someone else wear mine?

A: No. These are grounds for disqualification.


Q: Can someone run on the route without a bib, even if they are a registered participant?

A: No.


Q: Can I transfer my BIB to a friend/family member? 

A: We have a registration transfer window to accommodate this. This can be only done until May 20th, 2024. For any transfer requests please drop in a mail to Beyond this date, we will not be able to entertain any change request. 


Q: Can I change my race category?  

A: We have a category-change window to accommodate this. This can be only done until May 20th, 2024. For any transfer requests please drop in a mail to Beyond this date, we will not be able to entertain any category-change request.

Race Day FAQs

Q: When is the race date?

A: The race will take place on 9th June 2024 [SUNDAY]

Q: What are the start time and reporting time for the races?

A: There will be staggered race start times, but the reporting time for all adult race categories is the same. Please report on time to ensure enough time for warm-up and other formalities.











Q: Are there parking facilities available?

A: Public parking spaces are available around the venue. However, please do not park in front of the gates of residences. Expect to walk 15-20 minutes from the parking location to the start point. Indicative parking areas will be updated closer to the event and communicated to you.


Q: Is there a mandatory reporting requirement for kid runners?

A: Yes, every kid runner needs to report with their allotted bib number at the kid runner registration desk in the holding area by 6:15 AM. Adult participants in the 10K and 5K categories do not have to register anywhere on the day of the event as they have RFID-enabled chips on their bibs. The kid runners holding area will open at 4:30 AM so that parents running the 10K/5K can drop off their kid runners.


Q: Will there be a baggage counter?

A: Yes, there will be a baggage counter if you wish to drop off any bags you are carrying with you. However, it is recommended not to carry any baggage unless necessary. Please do not leave any valuables in the bags. Write your bib numbers on the baggage drop tags and attach them to the bags that need to be dropped off. 


Note that baggage counters will not hold helmets. The location of the baggage counter will be communicated closer to the event.


Q: What time does the common warm-up start?

A: All race categories will have a common warm-up that starts at 5:05 AM.


Q: Are there specific rules for following the race route?

A: Yes, as a runner, you have the responsibility to follow the route as per instructions and keep an eye out for signs on the route and the volunteers who will guide you for directions.

Race Start Times.jpg

On-Course and Safety FAQs

Q: What can I expect on the race course?

A: On the course, you can expect direction and distance signs, aid stations, and porta-potties at start/finish points. Aid stations will provide various items such as bananas, biscuits, chikki, jaggery, water, Fast&Up Electrolytes, salt, and pain relieving spray.


Q: Will there be traffic on the route?

A: The route will be cordoned off to regular traffic to provide you with a safe running route. However, occasional breakouts and people ignoring the rules may occur. Please remain aware of your surroundings as a runner.


Q: What are the timings for opening the route to traffic?

A: The 10K and 5K routes will be opened to traffic a few minutes after the last flag off  in a sequential manner from the start point to the finish. The full route will be open to traffic by 7:45 AM.


Q: What happens if a runner is unable to keep up with the sweep vehicle?

A: Aid stations will be open until the sweep vehicle comes. A runner is not allowed to run past the sweep vehicle. Runners are requested to adhere to the instructions of the sweep vehicle for their own safety.


Q: Are there any road crossings/turns on the route?

A: Yes, there will be a few road crossings/turns, and it is essential to be cautious at these points.


Q: What should I do in case of an emergency?

A: In case of an emergency, please inform the nearest aid station, route marshals, or volunteers, and they will provide the required help.

Other Relevant FAQs

Q: How will timing be recorded?

A: All 5K and 10K runners will receive RFID-enabled bibs. There will be timing mats at the start point, end point, and on the route. Make sure to cross the timing mats.


Q: What medical support will be available?

A: Ambulances and medical support teams will be accessible on the route. Physiotherapy services will be available in the finish area through the official Physio Partner, Stairs Physiotherapy. First aid will also be available at all designated aid stations.


Q: What should I do with disposables during the race?

A: Please be conscious of not littering during the race. The event is 100% environment-friendly. Keep your used gel packets or any other empty paper/plastic packets with you until you reach the nearest aid station and dispose of them in the trash bins. Note that penalties or even disqualification may be imposed if a runner is found littering.


Q: Will there be photographers?

A: Yes, photographers will be present to capture your race moments. Remember to wear your bibs clearly to ensure timekeeping as you cross every aid station and the finish line. Don't forget to smile for the fabulous photographers!


Q: How far is the start point from the warm-up area?

A: The start point is approximately 200 meters from the warm-up area. Please follow the directions provided by the volunteers to reach the start area after the warm-up.

Corrals FAQs

Q: How will I know what my run corral is?

A: It will be printed on your BIB


Can I change my corral by providing updated run data?

A: No. A corral printed on the bib is final and we request you to follow the guidance form the race marshals in corral regulation. This is critical for race management.

Race Finish FAQs

Q: What can I expect at the race finish line?

A: At the finish line, you will experience a victorious smile and an immense adrenaline rush. Don't forget to give a strong finish pose for our photographer as you cross the finish line.


Q: Will I receive a Finisher medal?

A: Yes, Finisher medals will be provided only to those who finish the race and have their bibs present.


Q: Is there a facility to use Physio services after the race?

A: Yes, you will have the facility to use Physio services provided by our Physio partner, Stairs Physiotherapy, to take care of any major aches and pains from your run. Afterwards, you can enjoy a fresh hot breakfast.

Results and Prizes FAQs

Q: How will I receive my race timing information?

A: Finishers will receive a text message with their provisional timing on their registered mobile numbers.


Q: Where can I find the final race timing?

A: The final race timing will be updated on the website


Q: How can I access my race certificate?

A: Certificates will be available to download from


Q: When and how will the winners and prize money be announced?

A: Prize distribution will be scheduled from 06:00 AM onwards as the runners finish. Please be around the stage area as the announcement begins to quickly walk up and collect your award. Provisional winners will be announced and awarded on stage.


Q: Are the results and decisions final?

A: Yes, the results and decisions communicated by the Race Director/Organizers are final.


Q: Will there be race pictures available?

A: Yes, you will be informed on email or WhatsApp about where you can access your race pictures.

Kids run event details

  1. Kids will have a similar flow and experience as adults except for

    1. They will have duplicate bibs [one to be worn by the kid and the other for one of the parents who drops/picks them]

    2. There will be two wristbands with the kid's bib number and name [one to be worn by the kid and the other by the parent]

  2. Event day t-shirts are to be worn mandatorily by the kids for the safety of identifying kids on course

  3. Back of the Kids’ bib should have the kids’ emergency contact name and number mentioned clearly

  4. Kids Holding Area will open at 4:30 AM

    • The holding area will be a well-cordoned-off premise with ample volunteers, organizers, and security guards;

    • Parents participating in 10K / 5K events can drop off their runner kids here

    • Kids are expected to report for the run no later than 6:00 AM. 

    • Every kid running in the event will have to report to the organizers/ volunteers in the holding area.

    • Refreshments will be provided in the holding area to the Kids

    • Each kid will be marked thrice through the course of the event:

      • entering the holding area

      • starting the race

      • finishing the race

      • Unless there is a verification process completed with matching bib/ wristbands with a parent, the kid will remain in the holding area with the organizer's post-race finish

      • Volunteers will not hand over kids directly at the finish line for safety reasons.

    • Porta-potties will be available in the kid's area

    • Kids will be engaged with various activities and warm up until the start of the race 

    • Every kid running the event will be in the holding area till her/ his age category race flags off. 

  5. Following that the kids will be arranged in age category starting from the eldest to youngest as per below categories:

    • 3-7 years: 1 miler (this is non-timed)

    • 8 year olds

    • 9 year olds

    • 10 year olds

    • 11 year olds

    • 12 year olds

    • 13 year olds

    • 14 year olds

  6. ​Kids Podium Positions will be given for every age category from 8 years to 14 years for top 3 positions (Girls and Boys separately). No podium positions for 3-7 years 1 miler. 

  7. Kids' warm-up will end by 6:30 AM


  • Parents are strictly not allowed to run along with kids. It's for every kid's safety. 

  • We will have pacers to run in each kid category. Kids are free to run along with the pacers or at their own pace. 

  • Water and other kids' refreshments will be available on the course

  • Prize distribution for the Kids' run will commence at 8:00 AM and till 8:30 AM in the Kids Holding area

Q: What can I expect in my bib bag as a kid participant?

A: In the bib bag for kids, you will receive 

  • Two bibs with the same number 

    • One bib for the kid (with timing chip) and 

    • one for either of the kid's parents, 

    • a kid's race T-shirt, 

    • safety pins, 

    • two wristbands (one for the kid and one for either of the kid's parents)

Kids warm up.png

Prize FAQs

Prize Money for the top 3 finishers in category is as follows

Age Category Winners


  • Top 3 positions in each of the above ages will receive age category prizes

  • Winners are entitled for Plaque and goodies, if any. No monetary prizes for Age categories. 

  • Prize Distribution announced on race day will be 'provisional'. Final results and disbursement of prize money shall be once the final results are declared. 

  • Finish positions of the runners will be based on Chip time. However the winners should have crossed the line within the respective star point cut off times. 

  • In addition to the above, entitlement to finish positions and prize money winnings are also subject to -

    • Bib tag timing captured across all timing points on the course, including at the start and finish mats.

    • Physical verification by technical officials, if any

    • Athletes found to have interchanged their running number bib and/or bib tag with others, will be disqualified from the competition. Such athletes shall not be entitled to any timing or prize money (where applicable).

    • Prize money are subject to applicable Indian Income Tax Rules, and the same would be borne by the winner.

  • Organizers’ decision is final on the finisher rankings and prize winners

  • All the rules are subject to change anytime as decided by the organizers.

Age Category.png
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