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The third edition of Beyond 42.195, held on 29th October 2023 saw nearly 150 runners explore the rustic countryside of Bengaluru.


We would like to thank each and every one of you for sharing our passion for this sport and your enthusiasm to discover more of our city. 

Beyond Oct 23 Route Map.jpeg

Results of Beyond 42.195

The results of the 2023 edition of Beyond 42.195 are undergoing final verification and will be posted shortly. We thank you for your participation and patience. 


Download the Race Documents

You can use the following links to download the relevant race and route documents


DATE: Oct 29, 2023 (SUNDAY)

START: 4:30 AM

DURATION: 8 hours. Includes mid-course cut offs.

START POINT& FINISH POINT: Disha Pursuit of Elements -


The entire stretch will be manned by route marshalls. Refreshment counters set at 2 KM intervals will feature water, fresh fruits, snacks, and first aid.


Running Shoes

Comfortable T-Shirt & Short/Pants

Hydration pack/waist belt with half litre drinking water

Mobile phone

Photo copy of a valid identity proof

Emergency cash approx. Rs. 200

Cap, Headband, or Bandana



Distance: 50 KM.

Elevation: ~225m 

The terrain is tarred Roads (80%) and Trails (20%).

Note: Previous events have witnessed rains, leading to slushy roads. 

RELAY RUN - 25 x 2

Complete the 50 KM circuit as a team of two. The first relay team member completes the first 25 KM, followed by the second team member who finishes the remainder of the race. Both team-members awarded finisher medals on completion of the race.

Duration: 3.5 hours/runner.

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