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Project śvāsa, under the aegis of the Bangalore Sports Foundation and Manipal Hospitals, is a pioneering initiative aimed at enhancing public safety and community well-being. We recognise the critical role that timely first aid assistance plays in emergencies. 


And we want to empower every individual with the skills needed to be able to positively intervene and support a person in dire need of medical intervention.

Let's Promote Public Safety

Project śvāsa intends to create a safer environment for all individuals by providing CPR training. Individuals, often present during events, will be equipped with essential skills to offer timely assistance.

Let's foster community engagement

We believe that community engagement is vital for a healthier and safer society. Through Project śvāsa, personnel from various sectors will contribute actively to building a sense of responsibility and community connection.

Project śvāsa inaugural session

CPR Training Workshops

Training materials & resources


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We look forward to hosting a session in your office or residential welfare association. 

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