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Project Prerana

Project Prerana is an inspiring new initiative by the Bengaluru Sports Foundation in association with Sapthagiri Trust, aimed at promoting sports at the grassroots level. 



Spearheaded by Mr. Venkatesh (Kishore) Reddy, the President of Sapthagiri Trust, the collaboration’s primary objective is to identify the athletic potential of 10-14-year-olds using Kho-Kho as a foundational sport.


We believe, Kho-Kho is a game that requires agility, endurance, and strength, all of which are the very foundational and functional aspects of any sport. 


Bengaluru Sports Foundation is providing an in-house coach who trains students from three schools, including two Government schools. Project Prerana aims to build kho-kho teams for under-14 and under-17 age groups to compete at State and National Levels.


The team conducts Summer Boot Camps, regular training camps, and kho-kho league matches for 30-45 children from all three schools to identify their athletic strengths and recommend a sport for them through sports-career counseling with an aim to kickstart their athletic journey.

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